Wooden fantasy - friendship

4 rings, each 0.05mm smaller then the previous one, creating a seamless look.
Types used are African Padauk, African Rosewood, Purpleheart and Zebrano.

The picture is an actual mock-up version of the final one.
The final version will have an open design, to allow the ring to expand.


Still to come

Projects drawn, but not yet started..

Whenever possible I try to draw wathever comes up in my head. Sometimes reality does match, sometimes it doesn't..
Have a peek at what's still to come..


Scary gaurdian

MontLu├žon - France

Photography has always been one of my passions.
It's always fun to discover new cities, but there are so are many places in the world.



I really love to just enjoy a wonderful day in nature...

The picture was taken at an initiation event...
Loved how close they would just fly by.


Some stuff about me..

Fanatic about my hobbies, enjoying life, being creative..

Green energy consumption

Automatic shutdown of systems not in use, keeping powerusage to a minimum.
A small amount is needed to do great things..

Every project is clean

As with any production process I create waste.
Recycle, we need to keep our planet clean.

Fun, fun, fun..

I love what I do; but with fun on my mind.
Keep on smiling in life, always.